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A revolutionary new way to use filters.

If the camera filter were invented today, what would it look like?

In 2015 we reimagined the circular filter from the ground up with our unique traction design. This made it easier than ever to attach filters.

In 2018 we reimagined the way the you use camera filters by allowing you to attach a filter instantly.

Square filters. Now obsolete.


Since 1928, square filters have proven popular with their one-size-fits-all format.

However, despite it’s advantages, light leak has been a persistent issue with square filters, reducing contrast and color saturation.

Instantly attaches.

Instantly attach magnetic filters in just a quarter of a second.

Square filters require correct alignment to the holder, whereas magnetic filters precisely attach every time to the correct position.

And like square filters, our new magnetic filters will work on 82mm thread sizes and smaller. Instead of buying a filter for each lens you simply need either a magnetic adapter ring or a step-up ring.

Less expensive to make. Less expensive to buy.

There’s approximately 15% unusable surface area on square filters, unnecessarily increasing cost to both the manufacturer and photographer.

Because magnetic filters are based on a circular design, there’s no unusable surface area on the glass. As a result they’re much less expensive to make.

For example, X4 ND 6-stop 100mm square is $199, whereas X4 ND 6-stop Magnetic is $189.

0% Light Leak.

One of the main issues with square filters is light leak. Square filters have more than 0% light leak.

For decades filter manufacturers have designed around the problem of square filter light leak by making different holder designs attempting to completely eliminate light leak 100% of the time.

And when using 10 or 15-stop ND filters, any light leak significantly reduces contrast and saturation.

We have eliminated light leak with magnetic filters. Now, when shooting with a 15- stop ND, you no longer need to consider light leak through the lens (however light leak through viewfinder can still be an issue).

There’s a Magnetic Filter for everyone.

Magnetic filters are available in all major filter types: UV, CPL, ND, Dark CPL, Night Sky and Infrared.