7 Mistakes Photographers Make Ebook

  • 7 Mistakes Photographers Make Ebook

7 Mistakes Photographers Make Ebook


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In 7 Mistakes Photographers Make you’ll discover techniques and tactics for overcoming common roadblocks nearly all photographers experience. By applying what you learn in this book to your photography you’ll see immediate results in image quality, composition, workflow and more.

Critical sharpness is usually the mark of a successful image. In Chapter 1 you'll learn the best and newest strategies for achieving critically sharp images every time.

Achieving true color saturation is difficult, but incredibly important. There are very few successful photographs with weak color saturation (except for B&W and alt processed images). In Chapter 2 we’ll explore some strategies for achieving true color saturation in-camera consistently

Composition is at the core of photography. Simplifying the natural world and representing that simplification in a frame is the crux of composition. It's also one of the most difficult to get a handle on because understanding it means learning about how humans perceive visual information.

Exposure is everything when it comes to getting color, contrast, dynamic range and all the rest right. 

In Chapter 4 we’ll go over some of my favorite techniques for achieving correct exposure, and then going up or down from there, as opposed to missing the mark and attempting to correct in post-processing.

Understanding how Aperture really works on a core level gives you massive leverage when capturing a subject before the lens, yet many photographers underutilize depth of field in a number of important ways.

In Chapter 5 you'll learn strategies and camera techniques for leveraging the power of Aperture.

In short, the book covers solutions to some of photography’s most challenging curveballs:

  • Unsharp Images
  • Weak Color Saturation
  • Grab-Shot Compositions
  • Poor Exposure
  • Underutilizing Depth of Field
  • Chaotic Post-Processing Workflows