Customer Service Reviews

Bill Beaman

“You can add great customer service to my list of achievements for this company.”

Robert MB

“Thank you for the fast delivery. All details have been first class.”

Michael Bandy Photography

“Great quality and packaging!! Shippoed quickly and securely. Great product!”

Christina Gillingham

“All claims by manufacturer are accurate. The craftsmanship & materials are top-notch.

One last thing to note: Customer service is paramount with this company. Example? I had mistakenly ordered the wrong size for my application. I initially just wrote it off as something I would eat, as it was my mistake. To my surprise, I was contacted through email to follow up on my purchase. I had explained my mistake & asked if it was possible to exchange for the correct size. Without any hesitation, I was sent a tracking number BEFORE even returning original filter! If that wasn’t cool enough, I received it in TWO days with a paid return label enclosed.”

Bob Marks

“Breakthrough Photography customer service is second to none. This company is dedicated to customer satisfaction and honest advertising. I recommend them to anyone looking for high quality filters. I plan on buying my first set of neutral density filters from this company.

Stay Focused Breakthrough Photography I am confident you will be successful”


“Direct communication with the Breakthrough Photography team has been excellent. Their follow-up is absolutely amazing!“

Sara Ascalon

“Customer service is impeccable.”

Joseph Swick

“Buy from Breakthorough Photography. Good to see caring vendors out there.”

W. Harrison McClary

“Shipping was fast and communication from the company was excellent.”

James Remeschatis

“It works exactly as promised and it comes with great customer service and fast shipping!I’ll be sure to shop Breakthrough Photography for my filters going forward.”

Justin Asher

“The founder of the company is a skilled and committed photographer and teacher of same. I’m happy to support his business and look forward to trying his other filters. Amazing value for money vs. the competition!”

Robert Colameco

“The ease of the transaction, the prompt delivery, and the most important the quality of the product, simply, excellent.”

Jeffrey Wallace

“Very well packaged and the overall experience of opening on arrival and how delivered shows the care the manufacturer takes.”

Marshall Elias

“Quality product with GREAT customer service. I was notified with a tracking number and quick shipping…”


“You can tell when you first open the box, that the people behind it care. Good purchase and good vibe… they even followed up to ask about my purchase.”

Gary Wagner

“Excellent Filter, Great service!”

Michael Macon

“Great customer service and its an outstanding filter for the price. Completely satisfied with the product and the company.”


“The guys behind this company are really competent and qualified for their business. My experience with contacting them has been just excellent.”

Zukester “Bobby Z.”

“Best seller I have ever known. Communicative, extremely helpful, reliable. Love the filter,case, cleaner. Fantastic company. No hesitation in repeat buying when I can.”


“I can’t say enough GOOD about these guys, their service, packaging-product quality, reputation and more. You are right on par or have exceeded B+W brand filter products.”

Mark Liu

“Breakthrough’s customer support is 5 star, A+ rated! It’s a steal with its 25 year Ironclad guarantee!”

Michael MacDonald

“I would certainly recommend Breakthrough Photography to anyone.”

Dave Struthers

“Excellent customer service, good product and a reasonable price.”


“Graham, the founder, and staff are very responsible and personally involved in the business.”

Brandon Smith

“Also the customer service was great. The company had been bombarded with orders and knew my filter would be late getting to me. They sent me multiple emails explaining the situation and offering a refund if I wanted one. This was all with out any provocation from me. Needles to say I waiting patiently and it only took a week for it to arrive. No complaints and worth the wait.”


“Value for money. The service was excellent!”

Terry Broderick

“The packaging and delivery were first class. The filters perform better than I really expected at that price, Excellent purchase, 1st class item.”

Timothy Prosser

“A very professional and customer focused company.”

Don Jackson

“Received my filter promptly with great attention to detail in the packaging and personal contact by Graham Clark, founder.”

Christian Boice

“The customer service I received was just awesome. Needless to say, I highly recommend these guys!”

Joel C

“Love the customer service and the fact that they support non profits with 5% of their sales. Looking into some ND filters next.”


“If you ever have a question or need assistance, their customer service is outstanding. Graham and Nathan are just incredible people, and they are always quick to reply to any question I had throughout the process. Keep doing what your doing Breakthrough!”

Rodolfo Konig

“The owner was responsive with any questions and emailed promptly when the order was received and shipped. I would shop Breakthrough Photography for other filters in the future and will recommend them to my friends.”

Matthew E Rogers

“Customer service was top notch.”

Randall H.

“Graham, the designer of the system has great customer service and you can’t go wrong with the purchase.”

Kerry P

“Customer service is top notch! Graham is quick to respond to emails and it’s obvious he genuinely cares about making the best filter possible and getting feedback from actual photographers. From the packaging, to the case, to the machining of the mount it’s very clear that Graham has put a high level of attention to detail into even his most basic filter.”


“The sales persons and the owner himself, are highly customer oriented and truly understand how the quality of filters makes a huge difference in making your photos ever better! I recommend you to try their products without hesitations! Thanks Breakthrough Photography!”

Jason Rambo

“I’m sold on Breakthrough Photography’s quality and service.”

Michael Bathan

“I’ve emailed back and forth with the owner (Graham) and I was impressed with the speed of follow up.”

Michael G. Lamoureux

“I’d rather support a small USA company owned by actual photographers.”

S Bauer

“First rate construction, fast product delivery, and great communication are the hallmarks of dealing with Breakthrough Photography. Products are much better than described and I look forward to dealing with them in the future.”

Deigh T. Bates

“Found my new filter company!!”

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