Full Spectrum for KOMODO® and RAPTOR® with Drop-In OLPFs

I love the otherworldly look of IR, so as a personal project today I finished converting a couple Komodo's to full spectrum to shoot IR, and a drop-in Komodo OLPF so I could return to default color in seconds, check it out:

For my photography cameras I've had to commit to converting a camera (5D's) to IR and then it’s dedicated to IR.

I had bought a couple Komodo’s just for this purpose. Then it occurred to me that converting it to full spectrum and doing drop-in OLPFs (I’ll call them CSFs for Color Science Filter, since it’s a drop-in filter, going forward) would be faster and way less expensive.

The result of the experiment is being able to shoot in IR, and within seconds switch back to default Komodo color science.

The DSMC1/2 has a user replaceable CSF – when I saw that I thought that was one of the greatest camera inventions. I wish stills cameras had that!

Being able to switch between various CSFs is great, being able to shoot in IR or Skin Tone, Low Light, Standard is so cool.

The Komodo has a non-removable fixed CSF, so I manufactured a full spectrum CSF of identical dimensions (SCHOTT B270/Clear) and installed this in place of the existing CSF. (Warranty voided.)

The Komodo became a Full Spectrum Komodo. Shooting natively it has IR pollution, as the built-in CSF eliminates all IR, even into a bit into visible.

Next, I made a “Komodo Drop-In CSF”, matching the spectral curve of the default built-in CSF, so I can return it back to default color with a simple drop-in filter.

The experience switching between IR & visible feels kind of like 2 cameras in 1, it’s really fun.

It’s just a personal project, IR is not for everyone.

IR can add an otherworldly quality to black & white landscape photography, so I can’t wait to film in IR alongside when I shoot stills.

I love being able to quickly switch lenses between my R5 / Komodo, keeping a wide angle on one, and a telephoto on another, all in a small 20L backpack.

Since it’s a possibility someone may ask, I cannot convert cameras, this was just a fun project, I had no idea if it was even going to work, but I'm glad it did!

NOTE: This was in no way connected with RED, approved by RED, and yes I knew before converting my camera it would void my warranty.
Graham Clark
Industrial Designer
Breakthrough Filters CEO