Michael DeYoung

Travel & Adventure Photographer


Michael lives by the philosophy “If it’s outside, we’re in”. The idea of any time you lace up your boots and grab your camera bag, your in for an adventure, is one Michael embraces every day.

Experiencing nature is not just a physical experience, it’s also mental, emotional and spiritual. Michael challenges himself with capturing all of these dimensions in his images.

I want to mention my Alaska roots and how we’ve been shooting up here for 30 years and our images are used widely to promote Alaska as a vacation destination by the State of Alaska and private tour operators.

I shoot editorial and commercial assignments for travel and tourism clients. My images have appeared in countless magazines, calendars, websites, catalogs and corporate projects. My work has been represented by several prominent stock agencies. In addition to commercial work, I lead tours and workshops for Arizona Highways Photoscapes and on my own.


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