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To make the most durable step-up ring we simply took the craftsmanship, build quality and durability of our professional filters adapted it to the step-up ring.

We manufacture this step-up ring with brass and then apply a matte black electroplated finish, which withstands corrosion and other abrasive elements often encountered in outdoor photography.

The result of better construction and materials, combined with a proven design makes this step-up ring the most durable and functional step-up ring available to professional outdoor photographers.

Weight .20 lbs
Thread Size

49mm to 77mm, 49mm to 82mm, 52mm to 77mm, 52mm to 82mm, 55mm to 77mm, 55mm to 82mm, 58mm to 77mm, 58mm to 82mm, 62mm to 77mm, 62mm to 82mm, 67mm to 77mm, 67mm to 82mm, 72mm to 77mm, 72mm to 82mm, 77mm to 82mm, 77mm to 95mm, 82mm to 95mm, 95mm to 105mm

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