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The Difference is Night and Day

The Autumn & Night Sky filter delivers incredible starlight definition during nighttime shoots and vibrant, rich color when photographing fall leaves. Weather-sealed in our rugged X4 traction frame and featuring MRC16 and nanotec® Nano Coating layers, the Autumn & Night Sky filter is built for durability and optical performance.

Proven performance across the spectrum.

Light pollution is often caused by sodium-vapor street lamps which emit light at 589 nm on the visible spectrum and cast an orange hue. The Autumn & Night Sky filter has a sharp dip in light transmission around 589 nm to decrease the effects of sodium-vapor bulbs while still maintaining high transmission from 600-700 nm. Smaller decreases in % transmission from 400-550 nm are meant to counteract different types of light sources that interfere with nighttime photography.

Despite the decreases in transmission to block orange hues, the Autumn & Night Sky filter has higher average light transmission throughout the visible range than other night sky filters on the market.

Enhance the autumn scenery and make leaves appear more vibrant by removing part of the orange spectrum that can make foliage appear muddled.

No Filter VS. Autumn & Night Sky Filter

Built for outdoor photographers.

Artificial light pollution can reduce starlight definition by up to 50%. The orange color cast decreases contrast between the stars and the space behind them, making the otherwise black backdrop of space look orangish.

No Filter VS. Autumn & Night SkyFilter

Eliminate light pollution non-destructively.

Eliminating light pollution is essential for capturing beautiful night sky images. However, finding a location to shoot without light pollution can be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Eliminating light pollution in post-processing is a destructive type of editing, whereas shooting with an Autumn & Night Sky Filter is non-destructive.

A rugged, weather-sealed frame with traction.

Built for harsh environments, our industry-first traction frame completes the weather sealing on your lens to protect against dust, moisture and other outdoor elements. The rugged traction frame also provides a strong grip for removal and attachment.

Backed by our 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee, each Autumn & Night Sky Filter is designed to last decades of continual use in the field.

No Vignetting Down to 16MM on a Full-Frame Setup

Our ultra-slim circular filter frames are designed to eliminate vignetting on wide-angle full-frame setups.

Autumn & Night Sky Filter Design

How to capture brighter starlight.

Sky darkness and light pollution are the two most important factors that determine starlight brightness. When the moon is at its brightest phase, starlight can appear up to 50% dimmer. If strong light pollution exists, starlight can also be reduced by 50%.

When moon brightness is at its peak and a high level of light pollution exists, starlight can appear nonexistent. The Autumn & Night Sky filter works wonders if you aren't in the perfect shooting conditions by making the backdrop of space appear darker and allowing each individual star to stand out with significantly more definition.

Light Pollution Map

Essential Reference Guide to Night Sky Photography

In this FREE downloadable guide, you'll discover the best exposure settings, which equipment you need and more to effectively capture breathtaking night sky images.

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Night Sky Photography Reference Guide

Chapter 1: Settings

In Chapter 1, you'll discover the best exposure settings for shooting night sky. I'll show you which settings you'll need to capture frozen stars.

Chapter 2: When to Capture Night Sky

Over 50% of capturing a beautiful Night Sky image comes down to location and timing. In Chapter 2, you'll discover when and where to shoot.

Chapter 3: Equipment

In Chapter 3, you'll discover the essential equipment necessary for getting the best results. I'll go over the essential setup, as well as considerations for optimal setup. I'll also discuss camera bodies, lenses, and if the Pros outweigh the Cons for Super Wide Angle Lenses.

Chapter 4: Recommendations for Professional Night Sky Photographers

In Chapter 4, you'll hear directly from professional Night Sky photographers who work day in and day out shooting. They share with you their perspective on Night Sky and what equipment they use. At the end of this guide, you'll be able to easily capture well exposed Night Sky image, and create wonderful other-dimensional images yourself.

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Our X4 Autumn & Night Sky filters are designed to hold up for years of regular use in the field. Each filter completes the weather-sealing of the lens and can withstand extreme wind, salt water, dust and other abrasive elements and conditions.

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Each filter incorporates our state-of-the-art nanotec® Nano Coating technology which repels dirt, water and other debris by beading up on the surface rather than absorbing and smearing.

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We stand behind each filter with our 25 Year Ironclad Guarantee and US-based phone, email and live chat support.