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Cinema DFM



The Cinema DFM is an incredibly small, behind-the-lens filter system that is designed to deliver incredible color neutrality and speed.

With DSMC2®, DSMC1®, KOMODO® and RAPTOR® compatibility, the same filters are interchangeable between different cameras.

The core elements such as the front and rear flanges are machined from titanium, and the main body is machined from aluminum. The result is an ultralight, ultra-compact filter system, Made in USA.

With 0.8 MOD for Rota-Pola's and VND, it opens the filter system to a wide variety of remote control options.

The smallest and lightest, professional filter system.

The Cinema DFM allows you to choose from a wide range of 30+ filters.
Select from solid NDs ranging from 1 to 20-stops, the world’s first VND with
1.5 to 11-stops, 1-stop Rota-Pola and many more.

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One filter mount, many cameras.

Use the same filters on a wide range
of professional cinema cameras.

The Cinema DFM features a PL lens mount so you can use high quality
cinema glass including wide angle, primes, standard zooms, telephotos and more.

And with a flange depth range of 22.5 to 25.5, it’s compatible with a large variety of lenses, including many super speeds.

The 1-stop Rota-Pola, Dark Rota-Pola and VND can be controlled remotely from the built in 0.8 MOD gears.

Maximum PL Flange Depths

Cinema Drop-In Filter Selection



Reservation deposits are fully refundable at any time, they merely act to secure your “place in line”.

A Reservation Deposit is $99 and it’s subtracted from your order total. You’re only charged for your order once your Cinema DFM is ready to ship.


1x Reservation Deposit is valid for 1x Cinema DFM

2x Reservation Deposits are valid for 2x Cinema DFM

The Cinema DFM is not RED Approved


Is the Cinema DFM compatible with DSMC1?

Yes, it's 100% compatible. Simply select DSMC2 S35 from the dropdown for DSMC1.

Will the Cinema DFM work without a clear filter?

No, the optical path requires the presence of an optical clear, which is why all our Cinema DFMs include a clear filter for free.

Will the Cinema DFM for Komodo work for my Canon C70, R5, R etc.?

The locking pin on the Cinema DFM for Komodo is specific to the Komodo to eliminate as much play as possible, but we may announce another version for Canon in the future.

Can I shim a Cinema DFM?

Yes, the 6 o'clock locking tab allows you to remove the locking ring, at which point you can install or subtract shims.

How is the Cinema DFM weather-sealed?

Once the filter is securely locked it’s pressurized against a weather-seal inside the Cinema DFM. The locking mechanism, although it may have an opening for dust and elements, is itself a weather-sealed chamber separate from the sensor chamber.

How do I ensure my image is critically sharp with the Cinema DFM?

The Cinema DFM filter system assumes your PL lens is collimated to PL specification, which is 52mm. If your lens has not been collimated sharpness is not guaranteed, even if the lens is factory new.

What if I own a DSMC2 and I have backfocus adjusted my sensor?

We can perform a Sensor Calibration to adjust the sensor back to it’s factory default position. After we perform a Sensor Calibration we will include a “Certificate of Sensor Calibration”.

Although we only charge $99 for Sensor Calibrations, we require that you ship your DSMC2 to/from insured.

Are the individual Cinema drop-in filters interchangeable between Cinema DFMs for different camera systems?


Is the Cinema DFM compatible with RED RANGER?

Yes. Simply select DSMC2 S35 or DSMC2 VV from the dropdown for RANGER.

Does the Cinema DFM have electronics like my RED PL mount?

No, as we have not submitted the Cinema DFM to RED to be RED APPROVED.

However, RED has always been incredibly responsive and professional (much more than other camera companies), so it could be a future possibility.

I see only PL. Will there be an EF to RF drop-in mount?

We will be announcing new products at CineGear and NAB, so it's a possibility.

PL Direct Mount for DSMC2® or KOMODO®


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