• X1 & X4 ROTA POLA
  • X1 & X4 ROTA POLA
  • X1 & X4 ROTA POLA




Introducing X1 Rota Pola.

Introducing the X1 Rota Pola, the most affordable Rota Pola featuring an ultralight design with advanced coatings.


  • AGC® glass Made in Japan
  • 99.8% polarizing effiency
  • State-of-the-art MRC16 coatings to reduce flaring
  • Industry leading nanotec® hydrophobic coatings repels dust and water
  • Carbon Fiber and Aluminum materials reduce weight
  • Two 0.8 MOD gear wheels for remote control
  • Choose between red accent for Rota Pola identification or all black color options

Made In Germany



Advanced Coating Technology

X4 Rota Pola's are made with SCHOTT B270®  Superwhite crown glass which is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials using the down-draw process that SCHOTT has been continually developing for more than 25 years.

B270® delivers exceptional clarity and a consistent, homogenous light transmittance across a broad wavelength range. The homogenous transmittance allows for closely controlled light and makes it an ideal substrate to get the best performance out of a variety of filter coatings. This crown glass variant also achieves an excellent surface quality with low roughness and tight geometrical tolerances in a wide range of thicknesses. And all X4 X4 Rota Pola's are milled and polished to create smooth, clean edges.

Made In USA


Protective Cinema Case

The Cinema Filter case is a rugged dust and waterproof hard case designed to protect your 4x5.65” filters and accessories while keeping everything organized and accessible. Our custom secure interior is housed in a tough iSeries SKB Case. SKB Cases are made in the USA and are renowned for their strength, durability and ease of use. They are so well made that SKB offers a Lifetime Warranty that will apply to our Cinema Filter case.

The closed-cell foam interior contains slots for 20 filters - plus a slot for a rota-pola - and are arranged vertically to keep the case narrow. The filters are kept in place securely by the edges of the glass to keep the filters clean and ready to use out of the box. An extra padded compartment is perfect for additional small accessories.